Our DEsign Process

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Nice to Meet You!

Do you think we’re the right fit for your project?  Fill out the online form or email us so we can start talking about your project wish list, timeline and budget expectations.  This is the time to let us know what you’re thinking so we can figure out how best to help you!

Let’s Get Together

Sounds like we’re a fit?  We’d love to meet you and your home in person, get to know what’s on your wish list, what you’re hoping to achieve, and what your budget expectations are.  It’s a great time to share your design dreams, style preferences and any functional elements you want to add.

Clearing the Way

Transparency and clear communication are so important to us!  Before we get into the thick of the design, we want to ensure we’re all on the same page.  We’ll follow up our first meeting with a written proposal outlining exactly what we can do for you, what it will cost, and when it will be done. 

Design Time!

Let’s jump in and get started!  You are invited to join our collaborative “design dream team” which includes our talented staff and YOU!  We have the talent and design resources to give you a customized end result, yet no one knows your tastes and style better than you!  So, let’s work together to ensure you have a floorplan that ticks all your boxes plus all the finishes, fixtures and colours to bring out your style and personality!  Emphasis is always on quality, durability, functionality, and style.  We’re not done until you’re happy – we’ll tweek the plan until it’s just right for you!


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Show me the Money.. Assembling the Budget and Construction Team

We’ll meet with contractors to obtain pricing and help you determine how best to proceed.  We are happy to work with your contractor or we can recommend trusted, reputable contractors who have the skill, experience and talent to bring our design to life! 

We are just as invested in the outcome of your project as you are – it’s your house and OUR design!  We’ll advise you when and where to splurge on important design elements and where to save on less important pieces of the design puzzle.  We are also proud to extend trade discounts to our clients, creating more value for you! Discounts range from 10-20% on exclusive fixtures and finishes, many of which only the designers can access!  In the end, we want customized style with quality, durable finishes which maximize your return on investment. 

Ready, Set… Go!

Time to bring our design vision to life!  We can help you prepare, ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible during construction with tips for keeping your eye on the prize!  Assisting with organizing movers, establishing a temporary kitchen in another location of your home, alternate living arrangements for larger projects, etc are all part of our philosophy of ensuring our clients are always as comfortable and stress free as possible!

Project Oversight

We’re with you all the way, checking with the contractor to be sure the project runs smoothly, materials are ordered and installed correctly, and attending onsite meetings at pivotal points during construction.  You can relax as we ensure your project stays on track!


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Staging & Accessorizing

Our team is there to accept deliveries of all the furniture, artwork, and accessories.  We check items for defects and ensure they are placed in their proper location.  Art is hung, window treatments installed and candles are lit, just waiting for you to come home and be amazed!  Your new space will feel like you walked into the pages of a design magazine! 

Tying up Loose Ends

Every project has small details that require attention at the end of a large project.  We’ll be sure to tie up all details before we move on to our next design adventure!  When you’re happy, we’re happy, and not before.



We can’t wait to get started on your project! Browse below to check out all of what we can offer you...

Major Renovation Projects & New Home Building Projects:

The earlier you can let us know you’re thinking about a major renovation or building a new custom home, the more likely we will be able to take on your project.  We would love to assemble a “Design & Construction Dream Team” to meet your design dreams AND project timeline!  Read about our Process for more details...

In Home Renovation Consultation

Are you unsure about how best to renovate your home?  You have some specific ideas of what you want but aren’t sure how to pull it all together?  We have your “big picture” in mind and can recommend a new layout for your home, where to start, which areas to address first,  and much more!  During this two hour consultation, we listen to what you want, then measure to create a scaled drawing of your existing floorplan.  By the time we leave, you have a hand drawn, scaled layout of how to reconfigure your space to suit your needs!  Avoid wasting your money by putting “good money on bad” and renovate wisely to maximize your return on investment! And, if you need a recommendation for trusted and experienced tradespeople, no problem, we’ve “got a guy” and are happy to connect you!

Room Refresher/Aesthetic Lift of Existing Space(s):   

Have a smaller project that doesn’t involve a sledgehammer?  We love those projects too!  We have the expertise and experience to help you reconfigure your layout, suggest what to keep and what to replace, recommend a new paint colour, order new furniture and fixtures where necessary, add new custom window treatments and source with new artwork and accessories.  You’ll be amazed at the before and after!  We take care of all the details!  You simply relax, then arrive home to a beautifully appointed space including artwork hung and candles lit!  Our experience and expertise ensures you’ve spent your design dollars wisely – no more stress or wasting time and money with endless returns to Winners after second guessing your last purchase!   

In-Home Design Crash Course

Roll Up Your Sleeves! You Do The Work!

Do you ever wish you could pick a design professional’s brain for an hour or two?  All you need is a fresh perspective and a trained eye to point you in the right direction, right?  Dreams do come true! With tons of tips and tricks up our sleeves, we’re full of great ideas and creative solutions!  We may even suggest a few things you’ve never thought of before!  Our goal is to maximize your return on investment while finally helping you get the look, feel and style you want.  We’ll give you creative ideas and solutions to update your space, and recommend the appropriate resources and trusted tradespeople required to create your DIY dream space!   

“Before You Buy/Sell” Renovation Design Consultation

Thinking of buying a house but aren’t sure of its true potential?  Have you found a house you love but are afraid of what it might take (and cost) to update?  We can help by attending a walk thru (usually with your realtor) Before You Buy.  We can advise on what to renovate and what to leave as is, what elements require immediate attention and what can wait, and ballpark pricing on the renovation costs involved.  By the end of the consultation, you’ll have a much better idea of the total investment required to convert that diamond-in-the-rough into your dream home!    

Conversely, we also offer a “Before You Sell” Consultation which includes recommendations on how best to update to your existing home to achieve the highest resale price for the smallest investment possible.  The goal is to maximize your return on investment and have your house sell faster and for more money!  

Colour Consultation

Did you know it takes the average person over 6 months to choose a paint colour?  We’ll pick the perfect colour combination together in about an hour!