In the depths of a cold winter snap, you just can’t help but dream of a warm holiday away from the frigid temperatures of the prairies. It got me thinking that renovating and vacationing are actually not that different in terms of the process involved. Renovating can be as enjoyable as vacationing if you assemble the right team!  Think of planning a renovation in the same way as you plan a vacation:

  1. First, do some research and select a great destination (aka design firm) who will give you the exact kind of vacation (reno) you want  (that’s us!).

  2. You spend some time planning your trip (renovation), ultimately approving the final destination (design).

  3. You get a quote on the total cost of the trip (renovation) and book your flights (provide a deposit on the total cost of the project).  How exciting!

  4. Do some laundry and pack your suitcase (prepare/empty the space you plan to renovate)

  5. Then imagine if you just fly away to enjoy your amazing vacation (or live your best life during the renovation with no stress) while everyone back at home shovels snow (aka your design firm and general contractor execute the inspired design!).

  6. When you arrive home at the end of your vacation (renovation), you feel happy and excited to finally sleep in your own bed. You are relaxed and energized to resume your life (and enjoy your new space that is staged and accessorized with artwork hung and candles lit).

Is this is a dream?  We think not!  

We want to break the cycle. End the fear/myth of impending disaster. Demystify the process and make transforming your home actually FUN again!  Renovating does not have to be stressful and horrible. You can achieve success without a nightmare during the process!  We are here to tell you it really is possible!!  

Trust, competence, team work and hard work are the key ingredients to a successful renovation project. If you have the right team in place, success without stress can be your reality!!  

Call us to see how we can make your renovation feel like a stress free vacation!